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Oct 30, 2013:

Philipp Kühne and Alex Boosalis were awarded the 2013 Ellipsometry Focus Topic Award at the AVS 60th international symposium. The awardees were chosen by the Focus Topic Programm Committee for the best contributed papers given by a graduate student or young post-doc researcher. Philipp was awarded for his talk on "Optical Hall Effect - Detection of Symmetric and Anti-Symmetric Landau-Level Transitions in Multilayer Epitaxial Graphene on C-face SiC". Alex gave a presentation about "A Physical Model Dielectric Function for Graphene from the THz to the UV". The Ellipsometry Focus Topic Award at the AVS 60th international symposium are sponsored by the J.A.Woollam Co., Inc. of Lincoln, Nebraska. more...

Aug 14, 2013:

EE graduate student Philipp Kühne published a paper in Physical Review Letters last week on his research on epitaxial graphene using the Optical Hall effect. The paper is a collaboration between CMON at UNL, Naval Research Laboratories, ABB, the J.A.Woollam Co., and the University of Linkoping Sweden. Physical Review Letters is the flagship journal of the American Physical Society, and considered by many as the leading journal in physical sciences. [P. Kühne, V. Darakchieva, J. D. Tedesco, R. L. Myers-Ward, C. R. Eddy Jr., D. K. Gaskill, R. Yakimova, C. M. Herzinger, J. A. Woollam, M. Schubert, and T. Hofmann, “Polarization selection rules for inter-Landau level transitions in epitaxial graphene revealed by infrared optical Hall effect”, Phys. Rev. Lett. 111, 077402 (2013)

Aug 28, 2013:

Professors David Hage, UNL Chemistry and Tino Hofmann, EE, received a NSF Chemical Measurement & Imaging award over $402,483 for 3 years for "Instrumentation Development: Label-free and rapid 3D-nanostructure ultrathin-layer birefringence imaging chromatography”. The award will be used to develop novel instrumentation for rapid, label-free detection based upon fundamental sensing principles discovered by Hage and Hofmann together with investigators from Center for Nanohybrid Functional Materials.

Jul 28, 2013:

Professors Eva Schubert, Mathias Schubert, Tino Hofmann, Ned Ianno, all EE, Angela Pannier, Biosystems Engineering, Alex Sinitskii and David Hage, UNL Chemistry, received a NSF Major Research Instrumentation award over $411,501 for the period of 3 years for “Development of an Ion-Beam-Assisted Glancing Angle Deposition Tool (iGLAD) for 3D Nanostructure Thin Film Preparation with in-situ Ellipsometry control”. The award will establish a new instrumentation within the Center for Nanohybrid Functional Materials, and implement and use ion-beam technology for preparation of better defined three dimensional nanostructures, as well as for in-situ prepatterning by ion-erosion combining in-situ Ellipsometry growth monitoring methods.

Jun 1, 2013:

Professor Mathias Schubert is nominated as Fellow of the Leibniz Research Society Dresden, Germany.

Apr 12, 2013:

Congratulations to Stefan Schöche, Chad Briley, and Dan Liang for being selected winners of the 2013 EE graduate student poster competition, held during the UNL Graduate Research Fair. Stefan and Chad received the first and second prizes, respectively, and Dan an honorable mention!