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Nov 18, 2008:

Dr. Tino Hofmann is promoted to Research Assistant Professor at EE of UNL.

Nov 10, 2008:

Matt Wagner (Procter & Gamble Company; Executive Committee member of AVS Applied Surface Science Division (ASSD)) and Mathias Schubert (University of Nebraska-Lincoln) will organize the new two half-day session Symposium on Spectroscopic Ellipsometry for the 2009 AVS meeting Nov. 7-13 in San Jose. The Session will be held jointly with the Applied Surface Science Division (ASSD), the Thin Film Division (TFD), the Electronic Materials and Processing Division (EMPD), and Manufacturing Science & Technology Technical Group (MSTG).

Sep 30, 2008:

NSF Awards 14 Materials Research Science and Engineering Centers including MRSEC Quantum and Spin Phenomena in Nanomagnetic Structures (QSPINS) at UNL. The CMO network receives two grants within the UNL MRSEC QSPIN.

Sep 8, 2008:

We welcome our visitor Benjamin D. Booso from US Air Force Wright Patterson Research Laboratories and Dayton University Ohio. Benjamin is collaborating with the CMO network on sculptured thin film characterization.

July 1, 2008:

The CMO network receives a STTR phase I contract together with J.A.Woollam Co. from Army Research Office for development of a new Terahertz Ellipsometer system.

June 23, 2008:

Professor Leonardo Degiorgi, Laboratorium für Festkörperphysik, Eidgenoessische Technische Hochschule (ETH) Zurich visits the CMO network, and gives a talk on INFRARED AND RAMAN STUDY OF THE CHARGE-DENSITY-WAVE GROUND STATE.

June 10, 2008:

Dr. Tapani Viitala, KSV Instruments Ltd, Helsinki, Finland, visits the CMO network, and gives a talk on Modeling liquid and adsorbed/deposited layer properties with impedance-based quartz crystal microbalance.

Apr 25, 2008:

Daniel Schmidt received a best poster award at the E-Week graduate student research presentation competition at the University of Nebraska Lincoln. Daniel received this award for his presentation on "THz resonances in chiral aluminum nanowires".

Apr 14, 2008:

We welcome our visitor Stefano D'Elia, from CNR-LICRYL Laboratory and CEMIF.CAL, Department of Physics, University of Calabria in Italy.

Apr 7, 2008:

Prof. Dr. Eva Schubert receives a SGER grant from the National Science Foundation for research on ion beam GLAD-prepared chiral hybrid material THz resonator structures.

Mar 28, 2008:

The CMO network receives a new grant from OSRAM Optosemiconductors Regensburg (Germany) for optical characterization of advanced optoelectronic structures.

Jan 1, 2008:

The CMO network receives a grant from J.A.Woollam Co., Inc. for optical characterization of advanced solar cell structures.