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Most Recent

Apr 18, 2018:

Congratulations to Ufuk for receiving a 2018 UNL Spring Research Fair Commendation Award for his poster presentation!

Apr 18, 2018:

Congratulations to Darin for his successful PhD defense.

Apr 17, 2018:

Congratulations to Alyssa, Sean, Rafal and Mathias for a new mile stone paper in generalized ellipsometry on low-symmetry materials characterization Anisotropy and phonon modes from analysis of the dielectric function tensor and the inverse dielectric function tensor of monoclinic yttrium orthosilicate in Physical Review B.

Jan 03, 2018:

Congratulations to Sean for his paper Electron effective mass in Sn-doped monoclinic single crystal beta-gallium oxide determined by mid-infrared optical Hall effect featured in the Editor's Pick collections of Applied Physics Letters.

Dec 29, 2017:

Congratulations to Alyssa and Rafal for bringing our paper Band-to-band transitions, selection rules, effective mass, and excitonic contributions in monoclinic beta Ga2O3 in Physical Review B to the finish line!