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Derek Sekora
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Articles in submission:

    15. Anisotropic plasmon formation in superlattice-type Si-Au heterostructure slanted columnar thin films
A. Mock, R. Feder, D. Sekora, D. Briley, U. Kilic, D. Schmidt, E. Schubert, and M. Schubert
Appl. Phys. Lett. , (2017)

    14. Tribrid EC-GSE-QCMD Analysis: Effects of surface topography on the electrochromic behavior of methylene blue
D. Sekora, A. J. Zaitouna, U. Kilic, T. Hofmann, R. Y. Lai, E. Schubert, and M. Schubert
ACS Appl. Mat. Int. , (2016)




    13. Anisotropy, band-to-band transitions, phonon modes, and oxidation 2 properties of cobalt-oxide core-shell slanted columnar thin films
A. Mock, R. Korlacki, C. Briley, D. Sekora, T. Hofmann, P. Wilson, A. Sinitskii, E. Schubert, and M. Schubert
Appl. Phys. Lett. 108, 051905 (2016) [View PDF (2.4 MB)] [DOI-link]




    12. Use of precisely sculptured thin film (STF) substrates with generalized ellipsometry to determine spatial distribution of adsorbed fibronectin to nanostructured columnar topographies and effect on cell adhesion
T. Kasputis, A. Pieper, K. B. Rodenhausen, D. Schmidt, D. Sekora, C. Rice, E. Schubert, M. Schubert, and A. K. Pannier
Acta biomaterialia 18, 88-99 (2015) [View PDF (2.6 MB)]

    11. On the improvement of PEC activity of hematite thin films deposited by high power pulsed magnetron sputter method
S. Kment, Z. Hubicka, J. Krysa, D. Sekora, M. Zlamal, J. Olejnicek, M. Cada, P. Ksirova, Z. Remes, P. Schmulki, E. Schubert, and R. Zboril
Appl. Catal., B. 165, 344-350 (2015) [DOI-link]

    10. Optical anisotropy of porous polymer film with inverse slanted nanocolumnar structure revealed via generalized spectroscopic ellipsometry
D. Liang, D. Sekora, C. Rice, E. Schubert, and M. Schubert
Appl. Phys. Lett. 107, 071908 (2015) [View PDF (2.1 MB)] [DOI-link]

    9. The retention of liquid by columnar nanostructured surfaces during quartz crystal microbalance measurements and the effects of adsorption thereon
K. B. Rodenhausen, R. S. Davis, D. Sekora, D. Liang, A. Mock, R. Neupane, D. Schmidt, T. Hofmann, E. Schubert, and M. Schubert
J. Colloid Interf. Sci. 455, 226 (2015) [View PDF (1.3 MB)] [DOI-link]




    8. Epoxy catalyzed sol-gel method for pinhole-free pyrite FeS2 thin films
S. Kment, H. Kmentova, A. Sakar, R. J. Soukup, N. J. Ianno, D. Sekora, J. Olejnicekm, P. Ksirova, J. Krysa, Z. Remes, and Z. Hubicka
J. Alloy Compd. 607, 169-176 (2014) [DOI-link]




    7. Slanted Columnar Thin Films Prepared by Glancing Angle Deposition Functionalized with Polyacrylic Acid Guiselin Polymer Brushes
T. Kasputis, M. Koenig, D. Schmidt, D. Sekora, K. B. Rodenhausen, K.-J. Eichhorn, P. Uhlmann, E. Schubert, A. K. Pannier, M. Schubert, and M. Stamm
J. Phys. Chem. C 117, 13971 (2013) [View PDF (3.8 MB)] [DOI-link]




    6. Formation of pyrite (FeS2) thin films by thermal sulfurization of dc magnetron sputtered iron
R.J. Soukup, P. Prabukanthan, N.J. Ianno, A. Sarkar, C.A. Kamler, and D.G. Sekora
J. Vac. Sci. Technol. A 29, 011001 (2011) [DOI-link]


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