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ASSD Student Award

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Dr. Julio Soares, ASSD Student Award Chair from University of Illinois, annouces the winner of the 2011 ASSD student award at the 58th AVS International Symposium in Nashville, TN on Friday November 04, 2011.

Stefan Schöche receives the 2011 Applied Surface Science Division Student Award at the 58th AVS meeting in Nashville, Tennessee, for his contribution "THz optical Hall-effect and MIR-VUV ellipsometry characterization of 2DEG properties in a HfO2-passivated AlGaN/GaN HEMT structure". The award is offered for the best student presentation in a field of the Applied Surface Science Division. The applicants needed to present a poster or talk during any ASSD session and had to compete in an additonal "capsule" presentation to the judges of the ASSD executive committee, who would choose the winner based on scientific merit and originality of the work. The award includes a certificate and a monetary prize of 500$.

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